Image Photographic Association was founded in 1969 by a group of creative photographers led by late Sudhakara Menon who was the official photographer of the Maharaja of Bikanir, Madhu Ambat, the well-known cinematographer, late I. Syed Ismail, a trade union leader, and A.C. Babujayan, an agriculturist and organizer of farmers, who was then a college student and some other like-minded camera-enthusiasts of Palakkad.

In the monthly meeting the members bring their latest creations for a critical appraisal by other members and their latest acquisitions in cameras and accessories for the benefit of all the members. An annual exhibition of the latest creations of the members is conducted in December, every year, and All India Salons are conducted at five year intervals.


Images 2010, the Sixth All India Salon by Image Photographic Association has been successfully completed. The Souvenir is ready. The same will be sent to all the participants, the office bearers of the Federation of Indian Photography and the India International Photographic Council, the News Papers, Magazines, TV channels, FM Radio Stations, the advertisers, etc immediately. A Green Interactive Publication (GIP) version can be viewed by visiting the link below: